duminică, 28 august 2016

How to really evaluate software solutions?

As a software evaluator I really have to say that my life can be very hard sometimes, and this is because although software is something that works with mathematical precision, although software is made by very logical minds (the most time at least) the people that are going to use that piece of software are not necessarly the brightest from our species, they don't know to really appreciate algorythms, they do not care about how much work has been put in a project and they only want to solve all the problems in the easiest and the fastest way possible.

So this ie why certain companies hire me in order to choose the perfect software solution that would met the requirements and that would also be very good in their company environment (as in fact due to the fact that each company has a different strategy, also the people can be in a certain way).

Now - one of my latest tasks was regarding some very interesting pieces of software that were doing some virtual tour creation - and the most interesting part is that they really work flawlessly online, but only one of those was really well made from all the points of view.

And it has been pretty hard to convince the peoples that were actually using a different software solutioin that this is the one that offers the most because they were used in working with something else.

Finally the management made the right decision and imposed the Tour Wizard and after 3 months everyone agreed that (and it actually is) the best solution and they are very happy with it.

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